Solaris 10 Operating System for x86 installation check tool

Solaris Operating System for x86 Installation Check Tool checks the system on which you try to install the operating system and report if the system can run the Sun solaris OS properly.
The download is a simple ISO file which then needs to burnt onto a CD to create a boot CD. Once created, start the X86 system with the CD. The ISO can be downloaded from here.

For Sun Solaris Express Edition, click here

The tool checks and reports whether your x86 system can install the Solaris 10 8/07 OS. The Installation Check Tool loads the Solaris 10 8/07 kernel and looks for a hard disk on your system. Reports whether Solaris drivers are available for the devices the tool detects on your x86 system. This information helps you to determine whether the Solaris 10 8/07 OS is likely to run on your system.
Installation Check Tool also produces a table that shows whether a Solaris driver is available for each device the tool detects. The table tells you whether the driver is built in to the Solaris OS or whether a third-party driver is available.

Installation Check Tool first loads the Solaris 10 8/07 kernel. Then the tool generates a report that shows the major PCI components in the system and whether Solaris drivers exist for these devices.

This report package is written to a tar file that is compressed with gzip. You have the option to copy this report file to a floppy disk or to USB storage. The report package includes the following files:

A text file that shows the same information as the screen output.
An HTML report file that shows the full content of the report. No abbreviations are used.
The output of prtconf -pv, prtdiag, and prtconf -v.
The following is an example of the text information that is displayed on your monitor:

Sun Solaris x86 check tool

If the system includes two devices that require a third-party driver, the driver for the second such device is labeled “T-2” in the driver column of the table and in the Third Party Driver Legend.
If a report such as the example shown above is displayed on your screen, and if you do not receive any warning message that no disk is found, then the Solaris 10 8/07 OS can be installed on this system.
The next step is to check whether drivers exist for other on-board devices, such as network devices, video devices, and audio devices.
NOTE: Sun does not warrant the behavior of any third-party driver.

Installation Check Tool gives you the option to copy this driver report to a floppy disk or to USB storage.

Solaris Operating System for x86 Installation Check Tool displays a message if your system is suitable for installing the Solaris 10 8/07 OS.

Installation Check Tool is updated periodically to include knowledge of new drivers in the driver database that the tool uses. Drivers that are integrated into the Solaris OS and third-party drivers that are known to work with the Solaris OS are included in these updates. Check this web page periodically to make sure you are using the most current release of Installation Check Tool. The tool also displays a message to remind you to check for a new release.

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