Sun Device Detection Tool 1.2 for x86 systems

The Sun Device Detection Tool can help you to determine if the Devices on the system is detected by the Sun Solaris Operating System.
If your device or system is already on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) then this may not be necessary. Click here for the HCL in Sun Solaris.

However, there is no harm in running the tool. The tool also allows you to submit the device to HCL under the Reported to Work Function (RWF).

The tool can test the X86 system for either Sun Solaris OS or for the Sun Solaris Express Edition.
The Sun Device Detection Tool 1.2 can be downloaded from here and can run on X86 systems running Windows XP, Linux (with PCI tools installed) with Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.
Acccept the License Agreement and download the tool.

1. Once downloaded, click Run to start the tool.

2. Select the Operating System (Solaris OS or Solaris Express Edition) and click Start.

This starts the tool and checks all the detected tool in the system.
3. Once complete, the tool will provide a list of device detected and the status of the drivers available.
A Green indicates the device is compatible with the Sun Solaris OS
A Red indicates that the device is not compatible with Sun Solaris or in other words there is no driver for the device
A Yellow indicates tha the device has limited support and may or may work properly with Sun Solaris Operating System.

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