How to find System Serial Number in x86 using ipmitool

As we discussed earlier here, you can find the serial number of a Sun Hardware using the utility “sneep”. However, in Sun X86 systems, you can use the pre-installed tool “ipmitool” to find the system serial number. It is not as straight forward as sneep but still is simpl procedure.

Run the command

# ipmitool fru | grep “Product Serial”

where “FRU” is a Field Replaceable Unit. The problem here is it’s going to output too many serial numbers to confuse. The one we are interested is a 10 digit alpha-numeric number.

However, extending the command as

# ipmitool fru print |egrep “Mainboard|/SYS” | awk ‘{print $7}’

Would give you the ID number of the “/SYS” or “Mainboard” (91 here) which mostly has the serial number of the system. We then run the “ipmitool” as follows with that ID number to find the system serial number.

# ipmitool fru print 91 |grep “Product Serial” | awk ‘{print $4}’

where “91” was the ID number.

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  1. For x86 you probably want to use smbios.

    /usr/sbin/smbios -t 1
    1 67 SMB_TYPE_SYSTEM (system information)

    Manufacturer: HP
    Product: ProLiant DL145 G2
    Version: 123456-01
    Serial Number: XXXXXXXXX

    UUID: yada-yada
    Wake-Up Event: 0x6 (power switch)
    SKU Number:

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