Fix errors in commands in Sun ILOM

There has been more than one instance when the Sun ILOM was not responsive to commands or were throwing errors. For instance, when you try to run the following command to reset the ILOM

-> reset /SP
Are you sure you want to reset /SP (y/n)? y
Performing hard reset on /SP failed
reset: No such inventory

or when you try to reset the ILOM password, you may get the error “Set: No such object value
To resolve the problem, you can actually logon to the ILOM as the user “sunservice” with the password of the ILOM root user and then reboot the ILOM (equivalne to “reset /SP”) with the command “reboot” as follows. Clearly as you can see from this warning SUN doesn’t recommend it so use it at your own risk:

login as: sunservice
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.

Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.

WARNING: The “sunservice” account is provided solely to allow
Sun Services to perform diagnosis and recovery tasks. Customer use of
the “sunservice” account may interfere with the correct operation of
ILOM and is not supported other than to perform recovery procedures as
documented by Sun Microsystems. Normal ILOM operations should always be
performed using the root account. Further usage of the “sunservice”
account implies your agreement with these terms.
[(flash)root@SERV-ILOM:~]# reboot

11 thoughts on “Fix errors in commands in Sun ILOM”

  1. This saved my butt when trying to upgrade the firmware on an ilom for the netra X4200M2 that was *not* responsive with either the web interface, nor the ssh client using the “root” login.

    Works like a champ! Many thanks!

  2. I would love to be able to use this. I have a T5240 with the console hung on it, and I cannot poweroff. However, I tried sunservice with the root ilom password, and it does not work.

  3. Unfortunately, with ILOM v3.0 and above Sun has removed the ‘sunservice’ account as a default account for general access. To access ILOM service level mode with ILOM v3.0 and above you must create an account manually, grant it a special role and then go to a Sun Service engineer who will generate a temporary password required to enable service level access.

    Like you, we have been struggling with various console hanging issues on the T5220/40 models. Sun’s ongoing response: upgrade to the latest ILOM firmware :-/

    If you have your ILOM configured for network access (in lieu of or in addition to having a serial connection from a terminal server) you can try logging in via the GUI to reset the SP, but this method is hit or miss dpending on the situation that is causing you to reset the SP in the first place (network access via the GUI is typically very sluggish when ssh and/or serial connections are hung, but you usually are eventually able to log in thru the GUI and issue a reset to clear the problem).

    Probably didn’t help much here, but wanted to share some feedback regarding the sunservice account in ILOM v3.0 and above.

  4. Perfect! Jammed up SP, no warm bodies at the site to power cycle box. Got the “no such inventory” message and this worked like a charm!

  5. Thankyou for this.. I too got the “no such inventory” message but following your process allowed me to remotely reboot. Cheers!

  6. We tried this on our iLOM and while the sunservice login worked and so did the reboot, it did not fix the “No such object” errors we are seeing when trying to change user roles or passwords. Anyone have any other ideas?

  7. Try this:

    #How to recover from hung ILOM on a T5220
    install Oracle Hardware management pack
    cd /opt/sun-ssm/bin
    ilomconfig list network
    #if it replies then ilom is not dead, just net interface jammed. to unjam, disable then enable again:
    ilomconfig modify network –state=disabled
    ilomconfig modify network –state=enabled

    my 2 cents

  8. I just ran into this issue with iLOM v3 on a X4470. I did an “init 6” on the OS, and when it went down I did a “stop /SYS”. Once the server was powered off, it let me successfully do a “reset /SP”. It’s a royal pain, but if you have no other choice it may work for you too.

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