Control/Modify dhcpagent configuration in Sun Solaris

Do you you DHCP to get the IP Address for your Solaris Server or workstation then its worth understanding what your DHCP Agent by default requests for from the DHCP server and help avoid certain network issues like “unknown” hostname issue as I’ve descrbed here.

The DHCP Agent by default requests for the

Subnet Mask

Default Router


DNS Domain

Broadcast Address

Encapsulated Vendor Option (vendor specific information as described in RFC 2132)

The DHCP Agent config file is


In the file look for the line


This is the line that defines what is being requested for from the DHCP Server. Here, each number stands for one of the above mentioned parameters where

1 = subnet mask

3 = Default Router

6 = DNS Server

12 = hostname

15 = DNS Domain Name

28 = broadcast address

43 = Encapsulated Vendor options

If you decide to not request for any of the above parameters then all you need to do is to remove the corresponding number from the PARAM_REQUEST_LIST. Let’s say you do not want to request for the hostname then simply remove the number “3” and the “,” that follows so it looks as follows


Once done,save the file. The next time the system restarts the hostname is not requested for from the DHCP Server.

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  1. Hi
    I am new to solaris whenever i want to make a file permanently in vfstab the operting system is corrupted .
    how to get out of “grub >”
    Thanks in advancee

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