Mount an ISO image in a Solaris Zone

There is no direct way to mount an ISO image onto a Solaris Zone. However, you can mount an ISO image onto the global zone (the server which hosts the zone) and then present it onto the guest zone.

Attach a Block Device

sunsolaris# lofiadm -a /export/software/iso_image.iso


Mount the ISO Image block device

sunsolaris# mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/lofi/1 /mnt

Mount the mounted ISO image to the Guest zone

sunsolaris# mount -F lofs /mnt /zones/myzone/root/mnt

Where /zones/myzone/root is the root of the Zone. The files should now be visible under /mnt on the guest zone.

2 thoughts on “Mount an ISO image in a Solaris Zone”

  1. Herbie van Dalsen

    I take it the zone is already instled? If so, please explain to me why one would want to do this?

  2. If you want to install a software from a DVD, I can’t see a different way??? Happy to know a different way to do this…

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