BASE_CONFIG: JS_install_patchclust: Unable to locate patch

You may find the following error in your JET build install logs:
WARNING: BASE_CONFIG: JS_install_patchclust: Unable to locate patch 119545-03
Recently, when building servers using Sun JET (SUNWjet), I found that the patches from the Sun recommended Patch cluster is not installed as a part of the JET build. Digging deeper, I found the above error messages in the Jet install logs.
Further digging and found that sometime after May 2009, Sun recommended patch cluster directory structure has changed where in there is a subdirectory called “patches” has been created and all the patches are now placed into this subdirectory.
If you check the patch_cluster.conf file, the following line exists:
But, JET doesn’t seem to recognise this change and the “patches_subdir” entry in the patch_cluster.conf file.
To resolve (rather workaround) the problem, simply create symbolic links in the root directory of the patch_cluster as follows:
# cd 10_x86_Recommended
# for patches in `cat patch_order`
# do
# ln -s patches/$patches .
# done
This should create the sym links of each of the patches under th patch cluster root directory and fix the problem.
You should now the following logs instead of the warning above:
BASE_CONFIG: <<< 119545-03 (405 of 433) >>>

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