How to troubleshoot Error: ! cron cannot fork

Sometimes, cron jobs may fail with the following error in Solaris

! cron cannot fork
 Wed Nov 2 11:10:00 2005
! rescheduling a cron job Wed Nov 2 11:10:00 2005

This could happen, if the cron daemon has failed or crashed. The easist solution would be to restart the Cron daemon.

The following are the ways that you can restart Cron daemon. Perform them in the order and proceed to the next step only when the previous fails to fix the problem.

    Use Cron stop / Start

# cron stop

will try to stop Cron cleanly. And, then run

#cron start

This should start the cron daemon cleanly. Sometime, this may not help in which case, try the next step suggested below:

#/etc/init.d/cron stop

This will try to stop the cron daemon cleanly.

Start the daemon back by using:


The /etc/init.d/cron script will have the proper handling for the FIFO file during the startup. 

This should help. Should this still fail, try the following:

#/etc/rc2.d/S75cron stop


#/etc/rc2.d/S75cron start

This should help. 

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