How to Add or Edit DNS servers in Sun Solaris

Domain Name Service (DNS) is a system which translates the meaningful Hostnames and Domain Names into valid IP Addresses. A DNS Client or a Resolver is a host or a network device which queries the DNS servers for various resource records like the IP Address for a host like a Mail Server.

nscd caching daemon in Sun Solaris

The nscd daemon is a caching daemon in Sun Solaris. It provides caching services for hosts,passwd,group,ipnodes databases using various nameservice lookups like hosts file, DNS, NIS,NIS+ and more. Each cache has a separate time-to-live for its data and modifying the local database like /etc/hosts invalidates that cache within ten seconds. nscd doesn’t cache /etc/shadow (contains …

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How to Flush DNS Cache in Sun Solaris

It may be sometime required to flush your DNS Cache mostly when trying to troubleshoot a problem with your name service or when there was an invalid DNS entry after a server outage. The possible solution to clear these cached invalid entries or to wait till the record expires based on its TTL (Time To Live)